Close-up of the Global-Disk Blu-ray autoloader

Global-Disk Long-Time Archiving

The Global-Disk long-time archiving solution allows for instant cost-savings and improved regulatory compliance. Using the system, data that does not need to be accessed any longer, but does need to be retained for legal or policy reasons, can be moved from on-line storage to affordable removable media or cloud storage. Added data protection significantly reduces the risk of data loss, even if the storage media degrade over time. Metadata indexing allows the right media to be easily found and restored.

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Key Features

Integrated and Open Solution Windows Server 2008 R2-based server stack with 32/64-bit client and cross-platform integration options. Delivered as part of an integrated hardware package or as software only. No proprietary file formats or databases: easy interoperability.

Flexible Media Support Multiple media back-ends allow you to pick the right media for your situation, or even mix and match:
• Global-Disk Blu-ray autoloader
• Qualstar and 3rd-party tape libraries
• Local RAID or NAS storage
• Cloud-based storage services

Automated Operations Archival and restore operations are fully automated: the Global-Disk software manages data ingestion, security, recording, disk/label printing (if applicable) and verification.

Avoid Data Loss A user-defined amount of redundancy can be added to each archive set, offering RAID-like protection against missing or damaged media.

Keep Your Data Secure Each archive set is rendered unreadable to unauthorized parties using 256-bit AES encryption, allowing media to be transported and stored off-site without security issues.

Easily Retrieve Archived Data Extensive custom metadata support allows for easy retrieval of archived data; unique media serial numbers and bar codes are used where applicable.