Picture of the Global-Disk Blu-ray autoloader

Global-Disk Blu-ray Autoloader

The Global-Disk Blu-ray autoloader is an ideal component of any long-time archiving solution. Using cost-effective, certified Panasonic media and requiring minimal manual intervention, it takes care of all aspects of archiving your data. Disks are automatically moved to and from the dual Blu-ray recorders as needed, and the built-in printer ensures that every finished disk can be easily identified.

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Panasonic Blu-ray Media

Designed for Long LifeBlu-ray Recordable (BD-R) disks, specifically designed for long-time archiving applications (20 years and up). Capacity: 25 GB (single-layer) or 50 GB (dual-layer) per disk. Recording speed: 6x (216Mb/s).

Certified by TÜV Rheinland Disks have been tested and certified:
• Long life (750 hr. 80°C 80% RH test);
• Contain no harmful substances;
• Resistant to light, scratches, water and bending.

End-to-End Solution Empty Blu-ray disks are supplied on a 25-disk spindle. Finished disks can be stored in special boxes, each containing 12 disks, a customizable label and an optional (security) seal.

Key Features

Integrated Solution Autoloader with a built-in server system (Supermicro server-class mainboard): no additional hardware is required to run the archiving services. The mobile half-height 19" rack allows for easy installation.

Flexible Storage Support Comes with dedicated external RAID storage, or can integrate with your existing SAN or NAS. Various Areca/ATTO/Proware 6 Gb/s SAS RAID 6 external storage options. Optional 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel or 1 Gb/s iSCSI support.

Automated Operations Blu-ray autoloader with 5 rotating bins, capable of containing 50 disks each. One bin is dedicated as a reject bin. Capable of processing batches of up to 150 Blu-ray disks before the disks need to be swapped*.

High Throughput Dual Pioneer (BD-R DL SATA) Blu-ray writers offer an effective throughput (including verification) of approximately 1 Terabyte per 24 hours*.

Built-in Disk Printer The integrated HP 5100 series disk printer (inkjet, full color, 4800 dpi) customizes the finished disks with your organization’s logo as well as identifying information (including a bar code)*.

High-Speed Networking Options Comes standard with dual Intel 1Gb/s Ethernet ports. Optional Intel 10Gb/s adapter.

(Features marked with an asterisk (*) depend on software support)