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Global-Disk On-line Storage

Global-Disk provides secure off-site storage for your valuable data. Whether you need 100MB or 100GB of disk space, our state-of-the-art storage systems, with 24/7 monitoring, keep your files safe with minimal investment. If you have a broadband Internet connection and a computer with a modern operating system, you're ready to start using Global-Disk!

Key Features

Secure iSCSI StorageGlobal-Disk uses industry-standard Internet SCSI and IP security protocols, offering you maximum flexibility. There is no special software to install, nor are there any limitations on how you can access your files. Your Global-Disk storage space will simply show up as a new disk on your computer, and you can format and use it in any way you see fit. Use of high-grade compression and encryption is also no problem: as long as your system supports it, Global Disk will work with it.

Webdisk and Advanced Requirements If iSCSI is not the right protocol for you, Global-Disk also offers a web-based solution. Of course, if you need more assistance, or have advanced disaster recovery requirements, one of the Global-Disk resellers will be more than happy to supply you with a complete solution.

High Availability Where You Need It Most Your Global-Disk data is kept safe on highly reliable RAID5+0 storage systems, housed in a secure data center with temperature control, fire suppression and plenty of backup power. Internet connectivity to your data is provided via multiple redundant high-speed connections, which are constantly monitored for performance. And in the event you suddenly have an urgent need for high volumes of your off-site data, and can't really wait for all of it to be downloaded, Global-Disk will send out a courier with a physical disk, allowing for rapid disaster recovery.